Aditional Management Advisory Services

Budgeting & Forecasting Services

This cash flow service utilizes an app created by Helm to get a deeper understanding of the financial health of your company.  This tool keeps you in the know and avoids surprises by providing a 6 month glance into the future and allows for what-if scenarios for future planning.

Bill Pay Services

Bill pay services is for those who no longer want to worry about remembering to pay their bills.  This gets done through an accounts payable app like WayPay or Plooto.

Why add Cash Flow to your bookkeeping package?

PayPie, like many cash flow tools, bring definitive answers to the unreliability of the future with its unique risk algorithm based on block chain triple-entry accounting.

No one could have predicted this pandemic that we find ourselves in but with cash flow tools like PayPie, Helm, and Finagraph it becomes that much easier to navigate and create an actionable plan for survival.

In this world cash is king, let's be prepared so we can continue climbing higher.

Why add Bill Pay to your bookkeeping package?

Whether you want to pay vendors or get paid by your clients, tools like Plooto and WayPay make the process secure & hassle-free while saving you money in bank fees.

With this service you can really sit back and relax because the more efficient a process becomes, the faster payments can be made and received to make the most of your capital. Because it integrates with your accounting software you also eliminate human transcription errors!

Save time, have Bill Pay as part of your package.

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