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Project AHA! (Accounting Health Analysis)

Are your books messed up? Do you feel like your books just aren't right? Do you need someone to double check that your on the right track? Then Project AHA! aka Accounting Health Analysis is for you. This paid review takes a deep dive into your accounting software to get a clear picture of what's wrong with your books. At the end of this analysis I will provide you with a comprehensive report of all the findings and my professional recommendations for moving forward.  Click Here to learn more.

Bookkeeping Support

If you want to do the books yourself but want to make sure you have all your bases covered this package offers the support you need to do it yourself with confidence. Click Here to learn more.

Catch Up/Clean Up Bookkeeping

When a business is growing it can be difficult to stay on top of the tasks involved in bookkeeping. Which means we will clearly outline what documents are needed for us to get you caught up while providing summary reports & analysis along the way. Once completed, your records are accurate, sales tax complete & year end ready.

Recurring Bookkeeping

Maintaining your companies books on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. This includes receipt processing, record sales & expenses, sales tax, reconciliations and more. I also encourage owner input as desired/needed while utilizing online solutions off site with potential for onsite meetings. I provide owners with timely information for better decision making and analysis. Click here to learn more.

Features & Benefits

Posting all business banking & credit card transactions

This means I will post all receipts & payments for all business bank & credit accounts including any 3rd party banking such as PayPal, Square, etc. 

Completing bank & credit card reconciliations

The reconciliation of your accounts on a regular basis is critical. Catching mistakes & fixing them in time before your Year End can save you hundreds of dollars in over paid taxes due to missed expenses. You could even have to pay penalties to CRA because you’ve missed income.

Preparing & filing GST/HST

The sales tax report shows you the summary of sales tax you’ve collected & owe to CRA. This includes: The total taxable sales, Total nontaxable sales, Tax rate, Tax collected, Sales tax payable as of. The Sales Tax Revenue Summary report is very useful and necessary when filling in the sales tax form and knowing how much is owed.

Quarterly business review meetings

Depending on how intimately you would like us to work together I’m happy to schedule a chat with you every quarter or yearly to go over your financials. This can be beneficial to you if you find it challenging to understand the reports, this also gives us the opportunity to check in, identify problems, workout solutions.

Posting purchase invoices, expenses & cash transactions

By ensuring these transactions get posted with the correct codes provides you with an accurate analysis on your finances. It also tracks the necessary information needed when filing your taxes.

Prepare & monitor Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable reports

An A/R report is a list of unpaid customer invoices and unused credit memos. This is a useful tool for estimating potential bad debts and having a starting point for collecting those fees.

On the flip side, an A/P report will show you exactly who you owe. This can be important information when budgeting or making financial decisions.

Preparing the Year End file

This gets you one step closer to filing your taxes with CRA. It includes: a comparative report of the Accounts Payable to ensure that all supplier invoices have been received. Ensure that all customer invoices have been issued. Create any necessary journal adjustments to match the banking statements. Review the balance sheet accounts & ensure its accuracy. Accrue an income tax expense, based on the correct income statement. Provide a cover letter that explains key points for you to know. Provide you with a hard copy and a digital copy.

Additional Services

Organization training/support

It’s so important to keep the right records to maintain compliance with the tax authorities & to support your claims for tax deductions. I can help get you organized for efficiency and ease of access in your daily processes.

Simple Payroll

What better way to keep employees happy then to ensure they get paid correctly and in a timely manner. You can choose a frequency of weekly, Bi-weekly, Bi-monthly or Monthly with pay stubs prepared. That's not all though! Do you know how much you need to deduct for things like CPP or EI? What about benefits, pay raises and bonuses? You can also get your annual T4 prepared and filed along with ROE preparations. Click Here to learn more.

Cash Flow Management & Forecasting Services

This service utilizes a cash flow app to get a deeper understanding of the financial health of your company.  This tool keeps you in the know and avoids surprises by providing a 6 month glance into the future and allows for what-if scenarios for future planning.

Bill Pay Services

Bill pay services is for those who no longer want to worry about remembering to pay their bills.  This gets done through an accounts payable app like WayPay.

Prepare & file your annual business and/or personal tax return (if applicable)
Why add Cash Flow to your bookkeeping package?

PayPie, like many cash flow tools, bring definitive answers to the unreliability of the future with its unique risk algorithm based on block chain triple-entry accounting.

No one could have predicted this pandemic that we find ourselves in but with cash flow tools like PayPie, Helm, and Finagraph it becomes that much easier to navigate and create an actionable plan for survival.

In this world cash is king, let's be prepared so we can continue climbing higher.

Why add Bill Pay to your bookkeeping package?

Whether you want to pay vendors or get paid by your clients, tools like Plooto and WayPay make the process secure & hassle-free while saving you money in bank fees.

With this service you can really sit back and relax because the more efficient a process becomes, the faster payments can be made and received to make the most of your capital. Because it integrates with your accounting software you also eliminate human transcription errors!

Save time, have Bill Pay as part of your package.

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